Measuring/ Fitting

It's Feet First takes much pride in stating that the measuring services offered by us are the best in the industry. We are well aware of the fact that wearing shoes of the correct size is a must for every child and so we ensure to get the right measurement. The fittings will be ideal and so will be your shoes.

The measuring and fitting services offered by us are primarily done because the feet shape of each child differs and so does their sizes. We offer shoes in a variety of width fittings so that you can find the best possible fit as too long or too short shoes can damage the growing foot of your little ones.
A majority of our clients are quite particular about buying shoes for their child of exact measurement and we ensure to offer the same. We know that the bones in their feet are not fully formed until they reach the age of 18 years. Not only do we excel in getting the right foot measurement but can also offer expert advice so that the size and style of the shoe are perfect for your child.


Rely On The Easiest Measurement Steps

We believe that finding the right-sized shoes for your child will become easy if parents can also support us in getting the exact shoe measurement. We generally rely on eight vital steps if clients want to reap the benefits of our measuring/fitting services from the comfort of their home. Few of those steps are as follows,


  • Make the child sit in a high chair and wear well-fitting socks.
  • A small measuring gauge is taken and their heel is placed against the heel rest.
  • The gauge is placed parallel to the floor so that the ankle and the knee are at right angles.
  • Ensure their toe is laying flat by firmly holding the heel at the back of the gauge.
  • The length slider is gently pushed forward and made to rest against the longest toe.
  • The size seen in the left circle is noted as this is regarded as the shoe size of your child.
  • The width tape is then pulled gently after ensuring that the foot is in the correct position.
  • The tape is lifted and made parallel to the floor before the letter in it is noted.
  • The other foot is also measured by repeating the eight steps stated above.


Reasons To Wear Well-Fitted Shoes Offered By Us

  •  Avoid health issues like corn development or bunion aggravation.
  •  Avoid foot pain as you can walk with a bolder stride.
  •  An ill-fitting shoe can make your foot look ugly as the toes bulge at the sides.
  •  Too wide footwear can enhance friction in your feet and make them move a lot thus affecting your mobility.
  •  Wearing footwear of exact measurement can help in preventing back problems.




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